Celebrating a Vocation


The fruits of Vocation in Zimbabwe

Celebration of Final Vows of Sr. Faith Mufambi and Sr. Sabina  Ngomapi.







Colourful and blooming -

A signn of the center of the Formators meeting






Formators Workshop Harare Sept. 2012






Gruppe Formators' Workshop Harare, 2-5 Sept. 2012





There is something grewing -

International Novitiate Visitation Lusaka,

Zambia , July 2012



In Germany - meeting of young religious im Kloster Strahlfeld

The Temporary Professed Sisters from different Congregations in Germany had an opportunity to meet for a conference and prayer.


ZAMBIA  : The fruits of  Vocation

In Zambia and Zimbabwe we had Sisters committing themselves to Religious life until death. Here is a brief story: The celebration of the Perpetual Vows in Zambia,Kasama Parish Church was a solemn feast: the liturgy, the singing, the sermon, the Eucharstic meal and the pronouncing of vows, "UNTIL DEATH" and Sr. Angela`s parents and sitster`participation all contributed to it. At the end of Mass all `Vocations` from Kasam were invited to come forward; they were more than ten - most of them Dominicans! the festive meal, the entertainment and the giving of gifts was taking place in the St Martin de Porres Kindergarten Hall. The feast ended with a party at Sr Angela`s parents`house in Kasama. Deo gratias!.

Two weeks later we celebrated the perpetual professions of Srs Kudzai, Catherina and Musara in the Motherhouse in Harare. The school hall was beautifully decorated. Threee big paintings of the POTTER, done by one of the Candidates who is an artist, adorned the walls.Many Sisters, friends and relatives of the three Sisters filled the hall. The liturgical celebration was very inspiring and Fr Raymond of the Redemptorists added to it by his encouraging words. A handicapped fried of the Sisters from Mutare had composed the Dedication Song; in his presence itwas delivered beautiful by the three Sisters, accompanied by the youthful voices of a few St. Dominic`s Chishawasha girls.

The sisters pronounced their vows until DEATH loud and clear. They were welcomed with great applause and ululation as full members of the Dominican Family. It was a touching moment when the parents of the three came forward at the end of Mass and received a special blessing. May God bless an protect and love our newls finally professed members! Congratulations! Mokorokotos! Mwabombeni! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Sr Ferrera  and Sr Rosina OP