Facilities for use and hire


For courses, seminars, holidays for families and seniors, celebrations

Contact: Sr. Flavia Büglmeier OP, Haus der Begegnung, Kloster Strahlfeld, Am Jägerberg 2, 93426 Roding

Tel: +49 (0)9461-9112-0
Fax: +49 (0)9461-9112-33
E-mail: begegnung.klosterStrahlfeld@t-online.de

Open to all. See www.kloster-strahlfeld.de for more details.

For retreats and days of quiet and spiritual guidance

Contact: Sr Maria Bonosa Lankes OP, Haus der Stille, Jahnstr. 31, Biesfeld, 51515 Kürten
Tel: +49 (0)2207-5208
Fax: +49 (0)2207-701413
E-mail: OP-H-d-Stille-Biesf@gmx.de

Please contact Haus der Stille to discuss availability.

We will add more details of facilities here soon